Mobile World Congress

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun | WorkBook6 at Mobile World Congress

By THE Brett Kaufman

Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess – exactly a month ago I was landing in Barcelona to attend Mobile World Congress.

The event is massive, with over 100,00 attendees and 2,000 booths, a tiring 3 days of jam-packed action. Since this was my 3rd experience at MWC, I felt like I had a better handle of where to be and when. While seeing some of the coolest gadgets in the main halls is always great to post on Instagram and Snapchat, it doesn’t move the needle for our clients.

As you enter the sprawling exhibit hall, the goal for me was simple, get to Hall 8.1 – App Planet and get to work. The reason MWC is so great for us at WorkBook6 is because we’re looking for innovative solutions and ideas for our clients, not trying to pitch somebody on the next best app or mobile device.

After spending close to 24hours on the exhibit floor and accumulating several hundred business cards, I felt confident in calling it mission accomplished.

Interested in hearing about some of the latest trends and innovation that we saw out there? Feel free to reach out and schedule a chat.

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