Here we grow again

Here We Grow Again

By JT Benton of the Tempe Bentons

Today, I’m just thrilled to welcome Chris Cox to the WorkBook6 team. As our brand-new Director, Partner Success, Chris has been tapped to fill an absolutely critical role for our business and more importantly, our clients.

Chris joining the WorkBook6 team means so many things to our organization – we’re adding good people, our growth continues to outpace our expectations (because of our good people), and we are committed to service as the driving force of the company.

But some of you will remember that I have always believed in this path – as context, I’ll refer you to the annual letter I wrote in January of this year.

In that letter, I shared six of WorkBook6’s commitments for the year ahead. The second commitment stands out today, speaking directly to the importance of Chris joining our team:

“We will operationalize rapid growth. We will continue to make improvements to the way that we onboard new clients, engage their new partners and track the progress. This operational vector will include the work of a newly-formed client success team, which will grow significantly in the coming year. It will also involve the deployment of new products and platforms from our technology team.”

This is just so important, folks. My view on our company is that if we just do one thing really, really well, we’ll all find the success we’re hoping for here. That one thing? Serve our clients.

Naming the person who will lead that effort isn’t something we take lightly. I’ve known Chris for a very long time. He served alongside Anna Lewis (our VP, Partnership Development) at Invoca, where they each supported the growth of our business to over $1MM/month in revenue, and I’ve closely followed and cheered for his most recent employer, Fin and Field.

In that time, I’ve come to know him as an incredible relationship steward and partner, and we think Chris’s background uniquely qualifies him to build a world class service standard. He’s solid. He’s well-rounded. And most importantly, he’s good people.


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