It’s official – I am a #Slacker

By THIS Brett Kaufman

Business is busy, and sometimes messy. Messages flying back and forth, email, texts, IMs, lots of noise in a typical workday.

First there was ICQ, then there was AIM. Then Skype, then dozens of texting and messaging apps. We used them all day in our personal life and they slowly started to creep into work life.

I’m guilty of being on my phone 24/7, heck I was tweeting at my own wedding until I was told to put my phone down.

But in 2013 when Slack was released it changed the game. I know there are other enterprise messaging apps and tools out there, but seriously nothing like Slack in my opinion.

At WorkBook6 we religiously use the tool; we have 20+ channels setup to be in communication with our clients, we’ve done custom integrations with our CRM and it helps our remote workers feel closer to the home office.

Honestly, it’s the most important piece of software I use all day long – the ability to move away from email more and more as the days go on is a huge time saver, I can’t even being to think of the amount of hours I save in a week.

The days of internal emails, with 10 people, going back and forth about nothing are done. The instant ability to solve problems or just feel connected to the team is the future.

#TeamSlack #Slacker

What productivity software does your shop use?


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