Unit Economic Crisis

Marketing’s Next Big Hurdle: The Rising Cost Of Customer Acquisition & Solving the Unit Economic Crisis

At WorkBook6, we’re pretty passionate about forging strategic partnerships. It’s what we do (among many things),but it’s the one thing that drives us each and every day.

With Customer Acquisition Costs rise and LifeTimeValues fall, it can be hard (maddeningly hard) for marketers to build meaningful pipelines of engaged customers that convert. Competition for leads is fierce, and let’s face it – customers just aren’t as loyal as they used to be. We call this problem the Unit Economic Crisis.

Unit Economic Crisis

But do you know what’s cool? Forbes magazine calls it that, too – in fact, Steve Olenski from Forbes just interviewed our Founder and CEO JT Benton about the Unit Economic Crisis facing today’s marketers:

“Paid search, programmatic display, cost-per-everything affiliates and third-party lead generation, these are the tools today’s marketers leverage first when looking to acquire customers,” said JT Benton, founder and CEO of WorkBook6, a customer acquisition and demand generation firm specializing in partnership marketing. “It’s like fast food; it’s hard to beat the convenience of engaging a new prospective customer programmatically, but that has downstream consequences.”

It’s a great read – check out what else JT had to say!


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