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We believe that for many companies, the internet is broken.

The internet is broken? Catchy, right? In a funny way, we mean it. Digital customer acquisition is a powerful mechanism, but it has grown to be hamstrung by misalignment, middlemen and hyper-competition.

The resulting unit economic constraints are felt throughout the ecosystem:

  1. Brands face off in competitive bid models – driving costs up for everyone
  2. Downward trends in lifetime value for many brands magnify the problem
  3. Publishers, media networks and lead sellers suffer when brand partners right-size their costs
  4. Technology platforms and service providers face cost cutting measures from brands and publishers

At WorkBook6, we believe we know the solution to the problem
– Strategic Partnership Marketing.

Why Strategic Partnership Marketing?

The WorkBook6 team includes top-notch business development and media professionals as well as innovative technologists and data-obsessed analysts. Leveraging the effort of this team – and the technology and systems they’ve built – WorkBook6 now powers dozens of partnerships in a wide range of industry categories.

Workbook6 offers a variety of KPIs to our partners: general growth, market entry, expansion, product growth, unit economic optimization, revenue retention and loss prevention. In every single one of our engagements, WorkBook6 adds value by improving partnership development efficiency and focus while maintaining full transparency.

Strategic Partnership Marketing

Rising costs. Falling LTV’s. Margin compression everywhere you look. Welcome to performance marketing in 2018.

WorkBook6 knows how to solve this. It’s simple, really: stop doing what isn’t working, and through Strategic Partnership Marketing for relationships that which deliver the kinds of results you need. There are nicer ways to say this, but simple is best: Strategic Partnership Marketing is what we do. Like, really well.

WorkBook6 is a collection of growth executives and a cast of strong producers behind them. Our executive team is intimately involved in every client relationship and our partnership development and delivers teams work hard to support the creation of trajectory-changing deals.

And our proprietary platform – – is the industry’s first many-to-many partnership marketing software system.

Leveraging the effort of this team – and the technology and systems we’ve built – WorkBook6 powers dozens of partnerships within a wide range of industry categories and essentially every entity type.

If your business plays in the customer acquisition ecosystem, we can help.

WorkBook6 Service Area:

Strategic Partnership Development

To many, forming partnerships sounds easy. In practice, the only easy thing about it is understanding that it’s a strategic imperative.

Our clients get this.

They know that creating scalable, aligned engagements is hard work that’s well worth it. WorkBook6 makes it all happen faster, more efficiently and cost effectively. Our clients hire us because they believe in our people, our technology and our processes – and they see the value of our rapidly expanding network. They stay because we do what we say we will.

We proudly offer Partnership Development Programs to the entire customer acquisition and retention ecosystem. Brands, publishers, groups and associations each leverage this offering. Technology platforms and service providers win with us, too – we’re proud to represent market leaders from these areas as well.

WorkBook6 Service Area:

Marketing Program Management

Just the words ‘affiliate marketing’ can give one cold sweats. Black-box practices. Compliance nightmares. Branded keywords.

We can go on – in our dozens of combined years managing affiliates for big brands, we’ve witnessed plenty of it. That’s not how we roll. WorkBook6’s MPP clients engage us because they want the cost-adherence that comes from the affiliate space without the drama.

We don’t do open-access programs, and we share every single detail with our clients. We bring proven publisher partners forward, and never launch new affiliates without first putting them through a proprietary vetting process.

We’ve got decades of affiliate lessons learned under our belts. We’ve cleaned up others’ messes – and also a few of our own. Leveraging this experience, we offer a simple, realistic promise to clients who engage with our Marketing Partner Program offering: more good; less bad. And always transparent.

WorkBook6 Service Area:

Media Monetization

Publishers and media companies face difficult compromises every day.

Maximizing effective CPM (eCPM) is great for revenue, but hurts the user experience. Inserting a programmatic solution brings in money, but yields control and punts on data capture. We understand this complexity – and we solve for it.

Our digital media clients win long-term engagements with top tier brands, which allow the delivery teams to work on improving programs rather than replacing churned partners. Our team helps publishers properly monetize their traffic, while protecting – and enhancing – the customer experience.

We’ve helped some of the largest web properties – in the US, and in the world – engage with leading partners more wisely. The outcomes? Lifetime revenue participation, improved yield, high feedback loop and excellent user feedback. Win. Win. Win.

WorkBook6 Service Area:

Affinity Organizations & Membership Groups

We help affinity groups and membership associations provide great benefits to their members while attracting extraordinary commercial outcomes.

However you define these groups, we view them as highly engaged customer populations who deserve the best products and services. Clients leverage’s proprietary proposal utility, which delivers highly competitive proposals from market leaders.

WorkBook6 brings affinity and coalition marketing programs to the market at scale, driving customized programs that elicit uncommon response rates. We curate campaigns to make them relevant to an entire group’s needs.

The WorkBook6 Team


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Founder, CEO

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VP, Partnership Development

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Julie Bohling

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Platform Development & Analysis

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Platform Development

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Operations Manager

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